Huguenot Editions is a printmaking studio and publisher.

We specialise in all forms of fine art intaglio and relief printmaking; working with artists, publishers and museums from around the world to create the highest quality fine art editions.

Founded in 2006 by artist and printmaker Simon Lawson, we are located at Worton Hall Studios in West London; a fine art complex that also houses Coriander Studio and The Curwen Studio.

Projects at Huguenot Editions have produced etchings with many contemporary artists including Rachel Howard, Clare Woods, Bill Jacklin RA, Runa Islam, Mat Collishaw, Jake & Dinos Chapman and Sir Peter Blake

Close up of Peter Blake's etching Craigies Canary with the hand coloring added, looking splendid @huguenoteditions @peterblakeartist #printmaking #peterblake #etching #chinecollé #handcolored
Momnoprinting fun! @huguenoteditions with Lucy Farley. #monoprint #monoprinting #printmaking
Super day monoprinting yesterday with Lucy Farley @huguenoteditions. #openstudio @thecurwenstudio @corianderstudio @wortonhallstudios #monoprint #monoprinting #bigprints
Skills, Cengiz giving it some stone grinding action @thecurwenstudio @huguenoteditions @corianderstudio @wortonhallstudios #lithoskills
Section of stunning skyline etching on reclaimed zinc @hilary_powell printed @huguenoteditions with @printsimon at @wortonhallstudios open day yesterday @corianderstudio @thecurwenstudio
Printing with black today @huguenoteditions @wortonhallstudios @corianderstudio @thecurwenstudio #etching #intaglio
Having the time of our lives, come and say hi! @art_car_boot_fair @wortonhallstudios @corianderstudio @thecurwenstudio @huguenoteditions #artcarbootfair
@lexistrauss will be @art_car_boot_fair with @huguenoteditions to sign her new print #idontknowwhattodowithmycare Come along early and have one dedicated to you! @wortonhallstudios
Just a segment of Stephen Walters new copper plate etching map of Mayfair produced @huguenoteditions @wortonhallstudios @corianderstudio @thecurwenstudio #stephenwalters #mayfair #etching

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